Results and Action


The objective of the process is develop Final Citizen Resolutions that have supermajority support ratings of at least 6.67, but preferably 8.0 or higher. Resolutions reaching this level of support can be said to have effectively achieved the consent of the informed Citizenry. As such, they will carry significant weight in the deliberations of our elected representatives.

In general, Citizen Resolutions will not relate directly to specific current legislation or seek to micro-manage public policy, although legislatures and Congress may well decide to pursue legislation based on the guidance they provide.  The Resolutions are really "should" statements.  

In a very real sense they are the moral wisdom of our society...the expression of our Common Purposes...the statement of our shared vision of the future.

The Resolution process is open-ended.  You are free to change your support Rating at any time.  New members will be allowed to rate previous Resolutions (after doing the required reading).  The ongoing public dialogue will, we believe, revitalize our democracy, help drive out the special interest and big money influence from politics and government and, most importantly, replace our sense of powerlessness and futility with a sense of hope and of having some influence over our destiny, as a nation and the human race.

As I am sure you recognize, this is a new, and somewhat revolutionary concept.  We are still in the early days, and we need your participation to help make the dream of "government of the people, by the people and for the people" become a reality.  Since you have made it this far, you are clearly a concerned Citizen.  This vision of the future will be made possible only through the support of Citizens like you.  If you are ready to get active, please use the link below to take our Welcome Tour, and begin participating in this great "Adventure in Democracy" today.

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