Public Opinion


We don't need to dwell on the corrupting influence that corporate and special interest money has on our governance.  We all know the horror stories. Let's talk about another way that politicians decide what they should do...public opinion polls.  These would at least seem to reflect the will of the people.  However, polls are extremely unreliable and subject to manipulation.  The way a question is phrased can change the response by up to 50%.  Most polling questions are worded in such a way, and placed in a certain order, to elicit the response desired by the sponsor of the poll.

What's more, opinion polls are just that...opinions.  In fact, it is fair to say that most respondents simply don't know much about the subject on which they are asked to give their opinion.  Everybody has an opinion, but I'm sure you would agree that there is a vast difference between a spur of the moment opinion given when taking a poll and a well informed, thoughtful opinion given after careful research and deep thought.

So, is there a way to gather and gauge the informed thoughts of the Citizenry?  We think there is...let me tell you about it.

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