Imagine! (Our Vision)


Can you imagine a time when the laws passed by Congress actually reflect the will of

"We the People"?  


When the policies implemented by the President, the Governors, and all of their administrative departments are guided by "We the People"?  When the influence of big corporations and other special interests have been neutralized?  When their millions of dollars in campaign contributions no longer drive our public policy decisions?  When legislation is not written of, by and for the lobbyists?

Can you envision a time when the political dialogue is not dominated by extremists? When there is an alternative to slanted media coverage? When common sense and sound judgment trump bias and narrow self-interest?

What about a day when the common good and the welfare of future generations are held in higher account than the latest consumer trend and this quarter's profit statement?  A future where you and I, as Citizens, no longer sense that our vote doesn't count...that it is futile to complain, since nothing ever changes?  Stated in the positive, can you imagine a time when the voice of serious, informed Citizens not only matters, but is listened to with baited breath by our elected officials?  When public officials know that, if they engage in corruption or cronyism with special interests, they will be caught and thrown out on their ear?  That'll be the day, huh?

Well, would you like to participate in moving toward that day?  In setting a positive course for our country and the human help build the future that we all want, but feel can never be attained?  There is a way!!!  And, I will share it with you in a few moments,  But, first let's take a closer look at the status quo.

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