How We Can Do It

1. Create and ratify Citizen Resolutions to set our public policy direction and priorities.

2. Hold lawmakers and administrators accountable through Citizen Oversight.


Your role is very simple.  1. Engage in the Citizen Resolution process.  2. Do more, if you can.

EngageRegister Here.  Then, keep up to date on our progress and Rate Citizen Resolutions, as they become available.  This will only take a few minutes.

Connect: Invite people you know to participate, especially if you feel strongly about the issue.  Then, help us arrange presentations for organizations, churches and schools to help educate and engage them.  Students aged 13 and older can participate fully.

Guide: Volunteer to advise the organization; help prioritize, review and edit Citizen Resolutions and the cases for and against them; help with Citizen Oversight.