Email Template

Below is the email template you may use to invite your contacts to rate the Citizen Resolution.

Be sure to copy and paste your "Personal Tracking Link" at the bottom and activate it as a link.

___________________________________________________________________________Beginning of message

Hi __(Name)__,

As I mentioned on the phone, below is the link to the Citizens Institute where you can rate the Citizen Resolution to Get Big Money Out of Our Politics and Governance.

The process is quick and easy.  Just follow the links at the bottom of each page and they will walk you through the steps.

Again, the key is to get as many people as possible to rate the Resolution.  So, if you can get at least 10 other people to do so, it would be wonderful.  (The more the better.)

Feel free to copy and paste the body of this message into your emails (rather than forwarding it).  To optimize delivery it is best to write a separate email to each person you contact.

There are also links to various social media platforms on the "Spread the Word" page where you will go after rating the Resolution.  Feel free to use them as you wish.  However, nothing is more effective at getting people engaged than a phone call followed by an email.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help advance this effort.  It is "one small step" for you, but part of a "great leap" for "We the People."

Here is the link: (Insert your personal link here, then activate it as a link.  It should look like the one below, but with a different ID number on the end.  Once you have drafted your first email and inserted and activated the link, you should be able to copy and paste the entire message with the link into your other messages.)

__________________________________________________________________________________ End of message

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.