Citizens Institute


The Citizens Institute for Public Policy is a strictly non-partisan, non-profit educational organization.  

Our sole purpose is to provide a vehicle for Citizens to think together about public policy issues.  We have NO agenda, other than the clear expression of the will of "We the People".  Our foundational belief is that Citizens, given the facts and clear and concise information about a given idea or proposal, are capable of making "Wise" decisions.  In many cases, we the people are capable of formulating truly "Breakthrough" ideas...even changing the course of history!!!

"Where do these ideas come from?", you might ask.  There are three main sources of ideas.  The first is those nominated by Citizens themselves.  Second are policy ideas from various public policy think tanks.  The problem with virtually all of the think tanks is they have an agenda, be it left wing, right wing, or just their own special interest area.  However, they all come up with policy ideas suitable for consideration (and improvement) by the People.

The third source of ideas is standard opinion polls.  We look for sound ideas that seem to be approaching public consent (60+% support).  In these cases, we are looking to see if the consent holds (or builds) when Citizens opinions are informed and thought through.

Our Citizen-Members, are involved in and guide the process from start to finish.  We start with a list of Citizen Resolution topics for possible consideration.  Citizen-Members rank them in order of importance and priority by Rating them on a scale from 0 to 10 (with zero being least important and 10 being most important).

When a new Citizen Resolution is proposed, all registered Citizens will receive an email with a link to the policy to be considered.  It starts with a precise statement of the Citizen Resolution and a 1000 word (maximum) brief in favor of the Resolution and an equal brief against it. Following that are more detailed cases (5000 words max.) of in-depth arguments for and against the Resolution. Finally, there is a list of references, support resources, videos and a bibliography of suggested reading for both sides.

Your job, should you decide to become an engaged Citizen, is to:

1.) Read and review the Resolution and the written materials,

2.) Discuss it with your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues,

3.) Think, reflect, evaluate and decide,

4.) Rate your level of support for the Resolution (again from 0 to 10, with 0 being totally opposed and 10 being totally in support),

5.) Encourage others to participate in the process, especially if you feel strongly about the issue.

That's it!!!  The results will then be distributed to all concerned public officials, the media and, of course, to you. (NOTE: You can also suggest people you think should receive it).

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