Citizen Resolutions

Following is the list of Active Citizen Resolutions (CR's) for preliminary consideration.  Please click on each link to review and rate each CR.  You will be asked for some identifying information to log in.  This is to prevent multiple ratings by the same person.  

CR-001: Get Big Money out of Politics

CR-002: Apollo Project for 100% Clean Energy

CR-003: Legislative Redistricting by Citizen Jury

CR-004: Authorize Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices

CR-005: Outlaw Torture, Extraordinary Rendition, etc.

CR-006: Assure and Enforce Net Neutrality

CR-007: Implement a Short Term Capital Gains Tax to Reduce Speculation

CR-008: Reinstate Glass-Steagall to Separate Commercial from Investment Banking

CR-009: Use the Sherman Anti-trust Act to break up the Giant Banks and Corporations

CR-010: Abolish the Death Penalty


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  • Kathryn Alexander Ma
    Sad that so few folks seem know about this. Sad too that I can only rate two issues….
  • James Lee
    We should eliminate the death penalty.