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Citizens Institute

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If it is your first time here, please read our founding statements below:

Our Vision:  We envision a nation where “We the People” actively set the direction for our own self-governance, and where every person has an equal opportunity to fully participate in that process.

Our Mission:  To make that Vision a reality.

Our First Goal:  To secure ratification by July 4th, 2026 of a Constitutional Amendment that clarifies and confirms that money is not equivalent to Free Speech under the First Amendment.

Our Tool:  Citizen Resolutions.  Citizen Resolutions state public policy ideas that we nearly all agree upon.  They aim to answer the question,  

What Should We Do?”

Our Organization:  The Citizens Institute is a strictly non-partisan, non-profit (501 C 3), Citizen-led, educational organization.  Our function is to facilitate the formulation of concise, concrete Citizen Resolutions that coalesce, clarify and amplify the will of “We the People”and to encourage as many people as possible to rate those Resolutions, such that they effectively become mandates to our elected representatives.

Our Beliefs:  If “We the People” turn together, shoulder to shoulder, to face and solve our problems, we can accomplish ANYTHING !!!   

We believe that there are many things on which we can nearly all agree.  By identifying them, clearly stating them and ratifying them, we can overcome the forces of money/power that seek to divide, distract, discourage and, thereby, dominate us.  We believe that Political Unity is possible, if we focus on the things that we nearly all agree upon.

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