Welcome to the Citizens Institute for Public Policy

Quick Overview:

Who We Are:  The Citizens Institute for Public Policy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization.  We are strictly non-partisan (or, as we like to say, trans-partisan).  We seek to find "The Higher Common Ground".  

We also like to describe the Citizens Institute as "The People's Think Tank", where 'we the people' do the thinking.

Our Mission:  “Educating, Empowering and Engaging Citizens”

Our Primary Goal:  To allow Citizens to reclaim control of our own governance, and to set us on the best course for the future that we all want.  In other words, we want to serve as a vehicle to provide a clear expression of the "informed will of the people".

We believe that Citizens should take an active role and act as the "Board of Directors" for our representative democracy.  We aim to facilitate that activity.

Our Core Activity is the formulation and Ratification of public policy positions in the form of Citizen Resolutions.

Our Vision:  We envision a world where all Citizens are empowered to participate in "government of the people, by the people and for the people".


  1. Ratify Citizen Resolutions to set our public policy direction and priorities.
  2. Elect “Clean Candidates” to implement Citizen Resolutions.  (We do not endorse or support specific candidates, but we do rate them all based on their acceptance of big money.)
  3. Hold lawmakers accountable through Citizen Oversight.

What You Can Do: 

  1. Register with the Citizens institute
  2. Take the interactive Welcome Tour and rate our Purpose and Principles
  3. Rate Citizen Resolutions
  4. Join and form a Citizens Club - Please ask at least two of your friends or acquaintances to join the Citizens Institute.  If we can get “You Plus Two” other people join us, and have them do the same, we can make a real impact on our political system and secure self-governance for ourselves and for future generations.

Participation in the Citizen Resolution process is available to all residents of the United States, including students age 13 and older.

To learn more and get started, please click here: Imagine! (Our Vision)