Welcome to the Citizens Institute for Public Policy

Who We Are:  The Citizens Institute for Public Policy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization.  We are strictly non-partisan (or, as we like to say, trans-partisan).  We seek to find "The Higher Common Ground".  We also like to describe the Citizens Institute as "The People's Think Tank", where 'We the People' do the thinking.

Our Mission:  “Educating, Empowering and Engaging Citizens”

Our Primary Goal:  To allow Citizens to reclaim control of our own governance, and to set us on the best course for the future that we all want.

Our Vision:  We envision a world where all Citizens are empowered to participate in "government of the people, by the people and for the people".

Our Core Activity: The "Building Democracy Project".  A Trans-partisan process to get all Citizens engaged in setting the course for our shared future.

"Building Democracy Project"

We must face a very difficult fact...

Our system of Representative Democracy is not working well.

It is controlled and corrupted by big money and special interests.

 We simply must to step up and take responsibility for our own self-governance.

 How?  Through a simple 3 step process, repeated on a regular basis, as follows:

  1. Visionary Democracy – We need to get very clear on what we really want our future to be like.  Implemented through regular Citizen Wisdom Councils to discover and refine our best thinking as Citizens…the wisdom of “We the People.”
  2. Direct Democracy – We need to clearly and strongly express those ideas to our elected representatives.  Implemented through Citizen Resolutions reflecting the Wisdom from Step #1 and ratified by all willing Citizens.
  3. Citizen Oversight – We need to take responsibility to assure that our representatives enact our ideas.  Implemented through Citizen Oversight, where Citizen Teams actively monitor the legislative process.


Your role is also very simple. 

1.) Register Here.   


2.) Participate in Citizen Wisdom Councils, if called. 

3.) Study and rate Citizen Resolutions when presented. 

4.) Join with others to oversee the legislative process on issues you care about.

5.) Join a Citizen Circle (of 5 to 7 people) to facilitate small group discussion of public issues through “Living Room Conversations.”

To learn more about our Vision, please click here: Imagine! (Our Vision)