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The Future of Our Democracy


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The Challenge

We must face a very difficult fact...

Our system of Representative Democracy is not working well.

It is controlled and corrupted by big money and special interests.

 We simply must step up and take responsibility for our own self-governance.  


The Goal:  To allow “We the People” to reclaim control of our own governance.

How Can We Do It?

Create and ratify Citizen Resolutions to set our public policy direction and priorities.
Hold lawmakers and administrators accountable through Citizen Oversight.

 Your role is very simple.  1. Engage in the Citizen Resolution process.  2. Do more, if you can.

Engage: Register Here.  Then, keep up to date on our progress and Rate Citizen Resolutions, as they become available.  This will take only a few minutes per week.

Connect: Invite people you know to participate.  Help us arrange presentations for organizations (and churches and schools) you know to help educate and engage them.  Students aged 13 and older can participate fully.

Sustain: Contribute $5 per month, $50 per year or $500 or more for a lifetime, or make a bequest.

Guide: Advise the organization; help prioritize, review and edit Citizen Resolutions and the cases for and against them; help with Citizen Oversight.

With your help, we really can take back control of our governance!

To learn more about our Vision, please click here: Imagine! (Our Vision)

Who We Are:  The Citizens Institute for Public Policy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization.  We are strictly non-partisan (or, as we like to say, trans-partisan).  We seek to find "The Higher Common Ground".  We also like to describe the Citizens Institute as "The People's Think Tank", where 'We the Peopledo the thinking.

Our Mission:  “Educating, Empowering and Engaging Citizens”